GOM Player

GOM Player Version Free

A media player already containing all the codecs you might need

Looking for the perfect media experience can be a daunting search. The Internet is overflown with self exalting media players, some more widely known and used than others.
One of the more decent alternatives for media players is GOM Player. As it already contains a wide assortment of codecs it's sure to provide you with a smooth media experience. As a result of its extensive codecs array it can support formats such as ASF, WMV, XviD, DivX, MPEG, DAT and AVI amongst many others. This also makes the need to separately search, locate and install additional codecs quite redundant, thus saving users precious time and saving them the trouble.
Some of GOM Player's other advantages lie in the facts that it can play partial or damaged AVI files by skipping over damaged frames, it can play locked files and it can play partially downloaded files.
Its easy to use interface supports Drag & Drop, editable skins, subtitling, mixer, key remapping, real time index rebuilding for AVI files and Unicode support.
All in all, we're talking about a great media player that will probably be worth your while.
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